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Welcome and Thank You for your interest in our mission!  SitEAW, Inc. is a nonprofit organization 501(c)3 founded in 2004 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  


We are dedicated to empowering girls and women to break the chains of oppressive and harmful traditions that are embedded in African indigenous culture.

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We strive to give the brave women of Africa a second chance through education. Above all else, we wish to offer love, education, skills, safety, and a sense of dignity from the moment they enter our program.

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SitEAW has a lifelong goal of supporting and sustaining girls in our program.  Education is the key to their success.

SitEAW is currently establishing a Basket Balancing Race in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as a main source of fundraising.  We believe it is a way to empower our women and raise awareness for this important cause.

Achieving these goals requires recruitment of volunteers to lead educational outreach programs in Uganda and Kenya.  These volunteers are critical to our mission.

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Our Education & Safe Center for our girls and women in Uganda as well as base of operations for volunteers is now in progress!

You can be a part of our Education & Safe Center by joining the Bricklayer Society.  Donate $100 and get your name on our endowment wall of the Center.



​As we are a nonprofit organization, this program cannot exist without volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to not only organize fundraising but connect girls in the program to sponsors and donors.  

Volunteers are given the opportunity to travel to Uganda and Kenya during our annual field trip.  On the ground volunteers will be recruiting and training the participants in the Basket Balancing Races.