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SITEAW has a lifelong goal of supporting and sustaining girls in our program.  Education is the key to their success.

SITEAW is currently establishing a Basket Balancing Race in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as a main source of fundraising.  We believe it is a way to empower our women and raise awareness for this important cause.

Achieving these goals requires recruitment of volunteers to lead educational outreach programs in Uganda and Kenya.  These volunteers are critical to our mission.

Cultural Diversity Drum Circle Fundraiser

Join us on Sunday, March 26th, 2023 for a joyful heartbeat fundraiser. Proceeds will

go toward buying beds for our girls in Uganda. Bring a drum (if you have one), your cultural dress, and,  of course your best mood. Presentations will include: Okinawa Japanese Dance, Kiganda Dance  from Uganda, Uzima Dances from South bend, Bomba from Puerto Rico, Belly Dance from the Middle East, International fashion show, and many more.

Venue: Butler University, Riley Hall

Time: 3:00 P.M

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Our Education & Safe Center for our girls and women in Uganda as well as base of operations for volunteers is now in progress!

You can be a part of our Education & Safe Center by joining the Bricklayer Society.  Donate $100 and get your name on our endowment wall of the Center.

                                 THANK YOU SO MUCH!

A big thank you to all our Brick Layers Society, sponsors donors, and volunteers, for extending your hands to get us this far. On the 17th of December 2022, we opened our first SITEAW Center building. Our vulnerable girls now have a roof over their heads. They are still sleeping on the floor, but that is way better than not having where to stay. 

This year (2023) 10 volunteers from the USA will travel to the Center to offer programs that can prepare our girls for the future. We can't thank them enough.



​As we are a nonprofit organization, this program cannot exist without volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to not only organize fundraising but connect girls in the program to sponsors and donors.  

Volunteers are given the opportunity to travel to Uganda and Kenya during our annual field trip.  On the ground volunteers will be recruiting and training the participants in the Basket Balancing Races. 

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