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This is a tentative plan of the new Education Center in Uganda. At the back, on the right-hand side is the building for girls at risk of being circumcised, prematurely married, trafficked, and deprived of education because they are girls. Having a place, they call home will truly be a lifesaver. We have lost many girls due to insecurities at home. When they return home for the holidays, they are married off or trafficked. This Center will also provide them with the programs they need to prepare for their future and help them to develop their talents.


In the middle is the basket balance field which will be used throughout the year for basket balancing training and races. It will also be rented out for other sports, concerts, and activities. Eventually it will become a sustainable project and source of income to help run the center and support our girls and women.


At the back, on the left is the building for women adult education programs and projects.


At the front (left) will be a gift shop designed to allow our women and girls to display their products and earn money by selling their crafts.


At the front (right) is the administration and guest building.

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