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STEAW is a nonprofit organization. We cannot exist without volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to organize and assist with fundraising efforts, to work on the ground in Uganda and Kenya and to connect girls in the program to sponsors and donors.  

Volunteers are given the opportunity to travel to Uganda and Kenya during our annual field trip. As a volunteer you will be working directly with our girls or women in one of several areas, including counseling, teaching, organizing Basket Balance Races, and other areas of need.

Currently Volunteers are needed to help with raising building funds, engaging in the Basket Balancing Races and counseling our rescued girls who were trafficked to the Middle East. We're now taking donations to fund the Educations & Safe Center for our girls.  Help by joining the Bricklayer Society.  Donate $100 and receive recognition on our Endowment Wall.

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The EAW Basket Balancing Race is a race whereby racers walk or run with baskets on their heads without supporting them with their hands. Proceeds from the Basket Balancing Race will strictly go toward sponsoring girls-at-risk in school and uplifting women’s educational and self-help projects.

Drum circles bring joy to all ages. Everyone longs for a stress-free activity to let off steam. I have seen children, who, when I enter a classroom with drums jump up with joy to appreciate the moment. I have seen adults who come to the drum circle so exhausted or depressed or angry, but the moment they start playing the drum, their moods change and their faces light up.

Uganda/Kenya Field Trip

We believe in the global village connection and achievement. Therefore, we welcome all volunteers from the Northern Hemisphere to join our annual field trips to Uganda/Kenya, and later to all African countries where we will extend our work. These trips help to establish solidarity, unity, cultural enrichment, and education. Our next field trip to Uganda/Kenya takes place June 5-15 2024.  Cost approximately $3,600. This includes a return ticket, accommodation, meals, and land travel for a two-weeks stay and volunteering in three districts roughly 150+ Kilometers apart in Uganda and one district in Kenya.


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