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The next Basket Balancing Race will be:

Date: June 10, 2023

​Where:  in Uganda

Who: Teams from schools, villages and institutions to participate.

Volunteers Needed:  Videographers, Photographers, Judges and Team Sponsors.


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The Basket Balancing Race is a dream that has been in my head for many, many years. I grew up carrying baskets, not for fun, but for labor. I longed to see a day I could turn carrying baskets into a sport that everyone, irrespective of age, gender or status, can participates in.

I created The Basket Balancing Race in 2014,  in Indianapolis, Indiana, among people who had no clue what it was. Since then, the Race has been held in the U.S.A-four times, in Austria-one time, and in Kenya and Uganda-five times. By observing all those teams, and with the help of the organizers of each race, I have been able to modify the rules. I hope they will now suit every racer in any part of the world.

This race is so much fun! You acquire skills you never knew you would in your life. At the same time, it is a challenge to many participants no matter where they come from. But it is worth trying, don’t miss out.  Team work is encouraged when training, but each participant who steps in the race will have to show s/he has acquired the skill as an individual.


All Baskets, Aprons and head wraps for the Races must be purchased from the organizing committees; to make sure all racers balance the same weight and height baskets, and do not have the same color of Aprons & head wraps or hats as another team in the race.



Before the starting ritual, the names of the racers and their teams are announced loud and clear. Each racer stands on the line, 2 feet from the starting line holding his/her basket with both hands waiting for the next announcement.


The announcer calls out: Racers Ready? (The racers step up and raise their baskets above their heads and put them on their heads.


Announcer: Focus (This is the time for racers to calm down and focus on the race, and to look ahead and make sure their lane is clear).  


Announcer: Set (at this point, racers put one foot on the starting line, and the other  behind the line)

Drum Beat (loud and clear) is the signal to go. All racers must begin at the same time on the beat. ***If a racer begins ahead of the others, the announcer hits the drum twice to cancel that race and start over.


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1. If a racer starts ahead of the other racers, he/she loses 5 points.

2. If a racer drops the basket, he/she loses 5 points

3. If a racer runs/walks while touching or fixing his/her basket he/she  loses 5 points.

4. All unruly or unacceptable behavior on the field by racers will be penalized by loss of 10 points or disqualification.

Winners:  All points earned, minus the violation(s) of a racer or a team will be the way to determine the winner.

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