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Shifting IdeasSister Stella Sabina
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SITEAW Girls 2
SITEAW Basket Balancing Race, November 2018, Uganda
I started SITEAW Basket Balancing Race (SIBBRA) as a SPORT in 2014 to help girls, women and communities shift ideas from outdated and oppressive traditions, rituals and practices. At the same time I wanted to use SIBBRA to raise money to sustain SITEAW Girls in school. SIBBRA has been held in the U.S.A- four times, Austria-one time, Kenya-two times and Uganda-three times. At every race I have been watching the participants, to adjust the rules to suit all runners. I can say, SIBBRA is ready now. This year I took SIBBRA again to Uganda. The prizes were set high by Betsy Wiersma and the Camp Experience Sisters of Colorado: A COW FOR ADULT & YOUTH TEAMS & A GOAT FOR CHILDREN. We got 17 teams all together. I can say this was one of the happiest days of my life. For baskets to be the same and weigh the same, I bought Halloween bowls from Walmart and sewed head cushions on them and put soy beans inside. (see video). But that was for one time use only because one of the goals of SIBBRA is to create jobs. Women have signed up to make SIBBRA Baskets and will be selling them to all the teams that will be competing in the races. That is a job that will never come to an end if we continue recruiting teams from every District. We also have women who signed up to make aprons. Unlike other sports, SIBBRA will be using aprons not T-Shirts because it has been adapted from a working background. We have teams that have signed up for next year's races from Kenya. Therefore, women who will be making aprons and baskets can make contracts with many teams and even employ others to help them. Announcers, musicians, judges and trainers will be needed to train the runners. Those are year-round jobs. When we fight poverty by creating jobs, we shift ideas and attention from what hurts (especially girls) to what creates joy and peace. Instead of mutilating and selling girls, if a family engages in something that can sustain it, its values change. By the way, SITEAW Girls won the first prize of a COW, Yaaaaay! they are the ones in the green aprons. Our next race will be held in August 2019: Please form a team, sponsor a team or sponsor the event. We will hold you dear in our hearts forever. Thanks to Dr. Gordon Mendenhall who helped to screen and provide eyeglasses to those in need during the race. He was a great attraction and a humble vendor.