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For more information on our initiatives or to make your donation see bellow.

To Sponsor a Girl:

In sponsoring a girl, you help that girl complete her education.  You can choose to see her through a month at a time or the whole year. You have the choice to be in contact with the girl you sponsor as well as receive photos of her and her report cards.

To register for the Basket Balancing Race:

Proceeds from the Basket Balancing Race will strictly go toward sponsoring girls-at-risk in school and uplifting women’s educational and self-help projects.


To help build the future Education & Safe Center, join the Bricklayer Society:

We're now taking donations to fund the Educations & Safe Center for our girls.  Donate $500  and receive recognition on our Endowment Wall. Other opportunities and naming rights are available. Gifts of any size are needed and welcomed. 


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